Clubs are organised for First Year students during lunch-time by Fifth Year students under the supervision and guidance of the sports department.

These include drama, quizzes, computer clubs, debating, public speaking, gymnastics, dancing, Amnesty International, languages, general knowledge, videos, art, etc.

This year’s first year clubs timetable is as follows:

First Year Clubs


  • Games Club: Games room – end of the corridor beside Sc3
  • Discussion Club: Demonstration Room
  • Ukulele Club: Music Room
  • Language Club: Computer room


  • Basketball Club: Sports Hall
  • Music Club: Geography Room
  • Book Club: Library


  • Quiz Club: Geography Room
  • Movie Club: Demonstration room
  • Club Gaelach: Seomra Caidrimh
  • Advice Club: Careers room


  • Art and Illustration Club: Ms Milne’s room
  • Gaelic Club: Sports Hall
  • Fashion Design: Ms Mullaney

All 1st years should take a minimum of 2 clubs at lunch time. Hockey training at lunch time is included as a club.