Ursuline College, Sligo sent a strong team to the regional finals of Cansat earlier this year at IT Sligo. Cansat is a European competition where teams have to build a mini satellite module within the confines of a soft drink can shape. It must consist of environmental sensors, radio transmission and an integrated parachute. The cans are sent up to approximately 600m in a rocket and have to land and transmit safely to the team laptop as they descend.  The Ursuline team named “Canymede” (Nuala Kerrigan, Ellen Woodward, Tori Monahan, Adela Zinschitz (TY) & Maura Madden, Niamh Gowran (5th Yr.)) won 1st place in regionals in April and progressed on to the National Finals in Portlaoise last Thursday 2nd May. This round consisted of 8 teams from around the country all competing for the National title and a chance to represent Ireland in Italy this summer. Ursuline team had a fantastic test drop of their cansat and all radio and sensors worked perfectly. Their parachute drop was met with a round of applause and the students then proceeded to gather and collate all data received. After a long night of putting together their information, they presented their data to three judges from industry, the European Space Agency and Science Foundation Ireland, the next day. Although they did an excellent presentation, they unfortunately just missed out on the top spot and were close runners up. The judges congratulated them on an excellent project and presentation. The team is now working on developing their cansat for next year to come back stronger. Well done.