This year, 3 groups from the Ursuline College qualified for the finals of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition which is being held in the RDS in January. The first group consisting of Amy Dykes and Donata Semenaviciute who are presenting a senior behavioural science project on Nuclear Power and public preceptions. The two students are embarking on a large scale study and interview related project documenting attitudes and feelings to do with Nuclear Power and its effects on society. This project is especially important in this day and age when we rely on new and emerging power generation sources for our ever increasing lifestyle demands.

the second group is made up of Ailbhe Morgan, Ava O’ Grady and Eimear Kearins. They are conducting a behavioural survey test with over 2000 candidates to research and identity synesthetic traits in society. The study of synesthesia is related to the condition of one sense evoking a response in another sense, for example a sound evoking a colour or smell. The students are hoping to collate one of the largest studies of its kind ever done and aid society in realising the prevalence of this ability.

The third group consists of Lara McDonagh and Ava Connolly. These students are building a large scale refraction chamber that will hopefully measure and calibrate the deviation of laser arrays in a variety of zones with changing humidity and /or temperature. The hope is to produce a body of work that aids in predicting visual deviation of mirages.

Again a very successful Young Scientist Competition! Well done to Ailbhe Morgan, Ava O’ Grady and Eimear Kearins who were awarded Highly Commended and received a Display in their section.